New Mill Run Residents

When you first move into Mill Run there’s a few things you need to do

When you first move in please contact Meredith Rice via email at if you don’t have email you can call at 238-9735. 

Please send Meredith the following information:

  1. -Name of you and your spouse if your are married
    - Your Street Address
    - At least one phone number for the entry gates
    - Your email address(s)
    - The amount of gate remotes you received at closing
      - The five digit numbers of the back of the remotes
    - Confirm that you received a keypad code to enter the gates
      - You don’t have to send the code but let Meredith know if you want to change it

For keys to the Clubhouse Restroom for use when you are at the pool contact Felicia Lasater at 423-238-4241.

The contact information you provide will be on in the Mill Run Address Book.  The Address Book is located on a password protected private site that is for Mill Run residents only.  You can get an ID and Password for the private site from Meredith or any one of the Board members.  Specify one of your phone numbers for the gates.  People can look you up by name in the gates and it will dial that number.  You can them let them in by pressing the 9 key on your phone.  Your actual phone number is not visible on the kiosk.

If you wish to buy additional remotes for the gates they can be purchased for a cost of $30 each.  Just let Meredith know how many and make the check out to Mill Run Home Owners Association.

If you are bringing anything into the neighborhood on a trailer or have and contractor coming in pulling a trailer PLEASE use the back entrance off of Hunter Road.  We have a lot of cases of trailers damaging the entry gates.

If you have any other questions please feel free or contact any member of the Board listed on the home page.